We need your Help

Michael Hearts Academy Inc. is seeking donations for the following: season camps for individuals with intellectual developmental disabilities, after school care for school aged individuals, job training, and daily living skills.


Secure your sponsorship or donation and support Michael Hearts Academy Inc., commitment to provide these individuals with the opportunity for success and bring awareness to the community. As a potential sponsor you hold the key to success, not only does Michael Hearts Academy depend upon your continued support but our individuals are also counting on you. 

In-Kind Donation

One-Time Sponsor an individual
$1,000 Weekend lock-in stay at camp
$500 Pays for one week of camp 
$200 Appropriate interview attire.
$100 Pays for one community outing 

Annual Donations





One-Time Additional in-kind donations
$200.00 for supplies
$400.00 towards camp food costs 
$600.00 for community trips 

Monthly Donation





Other Ways to Support


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