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Non-profits Roundtable Committee (NRC)

 This Committee is to bring local community non-profits together in the efforts to continue to provide community support. We will work together with partnered local non-profit round-table committee members to assist with community events such as: Fundraising Efforts, Marketing Efforts, Event Volunteering.

Fundraising: Creating events the committee members can collaborate together to raise money for their nonprofit.

Marketing: Sharing each other's events on any of the social media and tagging the non-profit having the event. 

Volunteering: Attending at less one of the other members event weathers that's being a vendor or just stopping by and/or just volunteering to help out.

NRC is about sharing their platform and uplifting each other during a breakdown or a weak area. Being Strong for others in need while secure in your own nonprofit.


2022 Embrace Your Vision

Two Non-profits collaborating together for the new year as they embrace each other's upcoming new vision.


2022 Kickball Tournament

Five non-profits collaborating together to fundraise for several different causes. 

Voice Community Outreach won the kickball game, for more information about this nonprofit visit www.vcoutreach.org  

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